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Monday, December 25, 2023

Minimal meds lead to maximal psych symptoms

So my son has the best insurance. He even has a great psych team in his corner. But the breakdown happened on a holiday weekend. 

He's in our first choice hospital and they are good to him. Let him pace, he sleeps in the main room, where he's comfortable.

His usual dose of meds is 5 mg. But they're giving him 2, 1 at night and 1 in the morning for 4 days. He's not well and the days are long. We've asked them if they can increase to 4 mg total to help control his psychosis, but they're waiting for the staff psychiatrist. 

I've reminded them that his prescribing psychiatrist is actually one floor above and has left all of her notes and directions for them to read. They still can't provide more, hence another . . . . 


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