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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Back at the beginning, Dec 20th

R Home

Our kid happily resting on the new sofa while we wait. And for what, the police to call back, Crisis Response team (CRT) to come calling since we lost them the night before. We honestly don't know what to do, but we're trying to stay normal. At least, we got out of the cold and got some much needed sleep. I was groggy, but so so happy to be in our familiar setting. We're real homebodies at heart.

I received a text from an officer that he was in the area and ready to come by and pickup Ren. He asked to call me to verify what needed to happen. I consulted with Anjelina and we agreed this was still the best course of action and waited with bated breath. The officer arrived and introduced his two fellow offices. They asked us the usual: weapons, resistance, etc. and explained how it would go. Poor R was still sleeping on the sofa, completely unaware. 

They woke him up. Can you imagine coming out of your slumber and seeing three cops hovering over you? It was brutal. The lead explained what was going to happen. R pleaded with him and offered to take his meds, but it was too late for that. Consequences, right.

So now, R was standing up, not fully resisting and getting the silver bracelets put on. We followed the vehicles on our way to CRC. Sadly, we knew the way.  

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